Welcome to the Adorable Avocado orchard! We are a certified organic community that comes with the best vibes. We did a little website revamp to recap our progress and provide you with details for what’s upcoming.

It’s been an uphill battle, but the team is still here and we’re doing everything possible to keep this fire going. We get on a call everyday to discuss ideas and brainstorm, we’ve listened to the community on Discord, gathered suggestions mentioned to us on Alpha Vibes Twitter Spaces, and will continue to cross off items on our Road Map.

We appreciate you for being a part of the Cado family, helping each other grow, and ultimately being an all around bad hass. Hope to see you in the Discord where we will never charge you extra for guac!

Oh, hey while you're here... watch @brandon_manus mint some Cados at our IRL event. 😂


Road Map

Stage 1: Project Begins

  1. ✅ Launch, Discord, and Twitter
  2. ✅ Community building, contest, and giveaways

    Our Past Giveaways

    • ✅ Discord nitro
    • ✅ More than 4.25 ETH in giveaway prizes for Avocado holders
    • @demigodzx_eth also raffled nearly 4 ETH worth of NFT's to the crowd during Alpha Vibes Spaces
    • ✅ Angry Ape Army
    • ✅ Cereal Club
    • ✅ Little Lemon Friends
    • ✅ Gutter Dog Juice Clone
    • ✅ VeeFriends2
    • ✅ ISM Toys
    • ✅ DCL wearables
  3. ✅ Adorable Avocado NFT giveaways
  4. ✅ Launch website

Stage 2: Mint

  1. ✅ White List Mint Date: March 23, 2022 12pm PST / 7pm UTC
  2. ✅ Public Mint Date: March 23, 2022 2pm PST / 9pm UTC
  3. ✅ Price:
    • 0.035 ETH Whitelist mint, 4 max
    • 0.04 ETH Public sale, 10 max per transaction
    • New price: 0.015 ETH
  4. ✅ 50% will go back to the Community Wallet ONGOING!
  5. ✅ We are on Rarity Tools

Stage 2.5: IRL Venice Event

Stage 3: Into the Metaverse

  1. Free claim: plus gas of a 3D Avatar of your Adorable Avocados for holders with the same corresponding traits SOON!
  2. ✅ Metaverse Wearables: Decentraland Merchandise for our Avocados

Stage 4: IRL

  1. ✅ IRL Events: Hosted in the US and Europe for Adorable Avocado holders ONGOING!
  2. Merch Release for holders and the Avocado Brand
  3. ✅ Toys Release of Cados by ISM Toys

Stage 5: Roadmap 2.0 - The Guac Unleashed!


  • 5/25-5/26 Stream D2S in the Discord
  • 5/29 Stream Monaco Grand Prix
  • IRL Paint Demolition Car - Date TBA
  • 6/3 @lawofthesaw bans 52422 people from the Discord
  • 7/30 Adorable Avocados featured at the OC Fair Demolition Derby


Adorable Avocados come in different styles with 200 traits. These Avocados have kick hass fashion.


There are different skin types from uncommon to super rare. In addition there are 10 unique one to one specials.






Organic Avocado







7,777 Adorable Avocados that live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Adorable Avocados are only 0.015 ETH

You can mint now!

You can connect your wallet on PC using the Metamask extension for the Chrome browser.

If you are on mobile you can connect through the Metamask in-app browser or connect through the DApp browser in the Trustwallet app. You can connect your wallet with Walletconnect.

The Team

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Founder & Artist


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Community Manager


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Creative Director


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Creative Director


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Smart Contract Dev


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Team Member & Advisor


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